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Athens- December, 2020

December, 2020

The very old woman from Syria was in one of the really bad areas during the war.

The evangelist, Mohamad, offered to take her and her son to a hotel that we booked for helping refugees to take a shower and rest, because there is no shower or bathroom in the new camp yet.

Mohamad drove her to the hotel with her son. When they arrived, she asked, “Is this for free, because we don’t have money?” He said to her, “Yes, I’m a Christian and my Lord Jesus teaches me to love people and help them.” She replied, “But your name is Mohamad.” He said, “Yes, I was a Muslim, and now I’m Christian.”

Mohamad left them at the hotel to purchase some food for them, and some other necessities. When he came back to the hotel with the food, the old woman started crying. She said, “I have been 7 months without shower. I have been using some baby wipes to clean, and all that time I was asking Allah of Islam to send some Muslims to help me but nothing happened. And now here comes a Christian who does all this for me!!” She shouted, “I love you, Christians! I love you, Christians!” Mohamad wasn’t able to stop his tears.

Another family was brought to the hotel and the children said with delight, “This place is clean, with no cold wind.” Their parents cried when they exclaimed that after two years, they can finally provide a shower with warm water for their children.


The mother of 5 came from a Middle East town where ISIS was ruling. Her husband left her after fleeing ISIS. Her life became a difficult journey alone with 5 children. She met Mohamad and his wife in Athens, and began coming to the Bible study, dressed in her Muslim clothes with a tight head scarf. The thought of breaking away from Islam and following Jesus was irresistible, and soon she decided to follow Jesus as her Lord. On the day of her baptism, she arrived without the heavy black Muslim dress, no scarf, and wearing white clothing. She said, “Mohamad, you said that following The Christ means starting a new life. On this day of my baptism, I decided to carry my cross and get free from Islam totally.” She is living in an area that’s full of Muslims and this is a dangerous thing for her to do. She faces lots of harassment, but she ignores the danger, and keeps walking with Jesus.


Reajah (*not her real name) from Iraq stepped boldly toward the microphone. The social media interviewer had been interviewing many refugees living in Athens. The social media site reaches thousands of people in the Middle East. Reajah began to tell about becoming a Christian while living in Athens. She expressed disillusionment with Islam because of beatings, rape, and murder in the Middle East at the hands of Islamic leaders. Her boldness over social media was stunning. I thought, “Does she not realize how dangerous it is to publicly denounce Islam?” Soon the response thread began to light up with calls for her death or beating. She is not afraid, and is all the more determined to identify with Jesus in the face of imminent danger. [Note: The interviewer wanted to know more about Jesus after the interview was finished. Reajah set up a meeting with Mohamad who shared the good news about Jesus with this social media interviewer.]

I could go on for pages telling the stories of God’s miraculous work of bringing Muslim people out of darkness into the glorious light of Christ Jesus the Lord. (Like the former ISIS fighter who is now evangelizing for Jesus, and is helping to baptize new believers.) Since the summer of 2019, we have seen more than 50 people leave Islam to follow Jesus. For months, the Farsi speaking Christian community on Lesvos has been seeing great growth in discipleship, and now we are beginning to see the same growth among Arabic speakers on Lesvos Island as well as Athens. Sandy and I have partnered with Calvary Church Grand Rapids, to fund and facilitate Arabic speaking evangelists coming to Greece to evangelize, baptize, and disciple new believers. This field is ready, the harvest is ongoing, and God is calling workers into His harvest field. We tell these testimonies to bring honor and praise to our Lord Jesus for His great work of bringing people who have been enslaved for generations into His Kingdom. We also want to challenge folks who hear what God is doing and want to join in the harvest. Sandy and I felt the call to go to this field. Do you sense the call to help fund these evangelists? Do you feel the call to pray for this evangelism project? Maybe you sense the call to go also? Perhaps you can share this with your church leadership, and join Calvary Church in supporting this project. If you would like some details, please send us a reply to this newsletter. I can provide some more details for you or your church leadership.


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