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Whether we’re in China, or Greece, or Sparta, North Carolina, people naturally refer to both of us, Tim and Sandy, much more than they refer to us in the singular. For 43 years we’ve been partners in ministry. Sandy was a nationally certified registered nurse specializing in care of the healthy newborn and in the NICU. She retired from nursing in 2011. I’m a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Since 1980, the Lord has led me to minister in churches in the US. In 2012, the Lord called us to China to teach in a university.  In 2017, He called us to go to Lesvos Island to minister to Muslim refugees- first with Gateways2Life, and then as chaplain with EuroRelief. Since 2019, we have given an increasing amount of our time to supporting Arabic speaking evangelists, sharing the good news with Muslim refugees. I currently also serve as teaching elder of the Mytilene Evangelical Church on Lesvos, Greece.

How The Evangelist Project Began

The Evangelist Project was created through a grant from the Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was in response to the story of Muslim refugees hearing and embracing the gospel when it was told by former Muslims who now follow Jesus.  The grant covered airfare to Lesvos Island, car rental, lodging, meals and related expenses. We looked for any Arab or Farsi speaking evangelist who would come and engage with refugees outside the Moria refugee camp. Quickly the ministry to Afghans took on a life of of it’s own, and has become a powerful outreach on Lesvos by ministries from Europe.  The ministry to Arabic speakers has centered around a young Palestinian evangelist, Mohamad Shreih, living in Finland. We continued to fund Mohamad’s trips to Lesvos and to a church plant in Athens. 


Our focus is Matthew 28:19-20. Evangelism and baptism, immediately engaging the new believers in the Bible, discipling them in the things of Christ, and then training them to share their story of following Jesus… to become evangelists.

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